Phase 2: Reality

Reality bites …. unfortunately, my plans after a few weeks looked a little bleak. First, I had really good intentions in guiding my students through the process of learning how to use VoiceThread. We trialed it a lot in the previous unit – Rocks & Minerals. It started off exciting and fun, as students got to know how to use this amazing online application. The fact that they could talk and record their voices, and use tools to support their explanations, resulted in lots of excitement and some pretty engaged kids. Over time though, this feeling changed as I saw the students become tired of talking about their learning. I didn’t see this one coming, but before I knew it, I started to hear a few “Do we really have to …. “. Eventually, I took a poll and asked the students – “Who is still enjoying their VoiceThreads?” The results were shocking … almost all of them were tired of it.

Another factor: our bean sprouts died. This was a big one. The unit looked really good up to this point, but the lack of enthusiasm for how the students were sharing their learning, coupled with dead seedlings, meant we were not moving on. This ship had sailed … it’s time was up, and I need to think of Plan B. I think I will talk to the students about this, and have them “right the ship” …

I guess it just goes to show you that the best plans can always have faults, or weaknesses. Unexpected bumps which throw you off course. I must say though that I really appreciated their honesty, and now will count on them to help me get us back on track.


~ by yamaguru on April 6, 2010.

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