How has the explosion of web based video changed the teaching and learning landscape?


When it came time to write this post, it was a difficult one to start. I have to admit that I don’t use video a lot in my classroom … yet. Coming from a school last year which didn’t have the space or hardware to support video technology, I have now entered an environment which encourages this through the use of Smartboards, ceiling-mounted projectors, a great sound system, and lots of technical support. It takes time though, as stuff you find online needs to be sorted. A lot of it is geared towards older students, and a lot of it is student generated – not a bad thing, but you need to really preview before you use it as a teaching tool.

I thought about the upcoming FOSS Science unit we are just starting – Earth Materials, and decided to do a search online. Let’s see what resulted …

Brain Pop and Brain Pop Junior have some good stuff, and I will be using this clip (at least) during the unit.

Types of Rocks

Rock Cycle

Mineral Identification

Rocks & Minerals

It is a pretty reliable resource, the school has a subscription, and very kid friendly. Students can access this easily at home as well, so those that need to review something we have watched in class can. I also think that the way they have made the videos keeps kids interested. The colors and animation are simple, but effective.

TeacherTube was next. It is another source I am just getting used to. A quick search there resulted in 3 videos I can post to my class blog, to get students thinking at home and looking ahead to future lessons within the unit. I also think they will instigate meaningful discussions with parents which will help them keep in touch with what we are doing in class.

Rocks Don’t Roll … The Science of Rocks and Minerals

Dr. Loopy Discusses Igneous Rocks

Dr. Loopy Discusses Sedimentary Rocks

Youtube is another tool I am beginning to use more frequently. I even have my own “channel”, which you can find @ ISBGrade3j. I did manage to find 2 videos in no time at all, but may think about branching my search out a little and try to focus on specific minerals when I am ready.

Video #1

Video #2

Discovery Education and their online streaming platform is something I have used a bit in the past, with mixed success. When I checked in, they appeared to have grown a lot, as has their membership price. I think they have a lot to offer, but you pay for it.

Tumblebooks isn’t something I would use for research purposes, but I do use it in my classroom a lot now, especially with the Smartboard. Kids love it, as does my 2 year old son.

So, what role does web-based video have in education today? Well, I feel that what we have right now is nothing like what we will have in the near future. When you think about what has happened in the last 10 years online, it is astonishing. Thinking 10 years from now … it’s kind of scary. Video is one of those things that is booming, and it is only going to get “better”. We can watch TV, movies, talk to people, watch “live” conferences and sports online now. Think what is ahead. Will we need cable TV anymore? Phone lines?

It is pretty exciting, especially living overseas when you do feel removed from your home culture. One thing we will need to iron out is access, as at the moment many TV and movie companies only allow access to American-based audiences. I have tried, many times, to watch ESPN 360 or an online TV station (eg. HBO), only to have access limited to US audiences. This needs to change.

In the meantime, I will continue to focus on expanding my use of web-based video, and when it comes time to locate unit resources, I will definitely turn to any of the above sites for relevant links to classroom activities, as well as  ways to reinforce what we are learning at home via the class blog.


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