Adopt & Adapt – What are the Implications for Teaching & Learning

Technology Adoption …


I dabbled for a long time, and many teachers get stuck here due to time, priorities, and just plain old intimidation.

Doing old things in old ways

Hanging on to what we have, and what we are comfortable with. Who can blame you? It works, doesn’t it?

Doing old things in new ways

This stage reminded me of the “messing around” stage of the Living and Learning with New Media article. We may look at this type of activity as a waste of time … where is the educational value? As many of us are resistant to change, we are not willing to have a go with new applications and ideas. I am slowly trying to edge into this category, but definitely find myself embedded in “old ways to do old things.” I can’t help it. And to keep up with how fast technology is expanding/changing, I would have to spend a LOT more time online than I do now. Family and lifestyle commitments keep me in balance. In school, it is a hardware issue, as well as time management. The curriculum has to be covered, and sometimes technology can slow you down, especially if your school isn’t set up to support the demands of technology today.

Doing new things in new ways

Is what we are doing new? Or are we doing the same thing, but with different tools? This video gives us a good look @ where we have come from. Different playing field, but same game.

So let’s hang on a second and take a deep breath. Why do we always push forward so fast and embrace the “next best ” thing (please see Have We Come Too Far). What is wrong with what we have? I know we need to support our students and prepare them for the future, but I also say let’s enjoy the moment and let technology breath a little. Maybe I put too much value on f2f interaction … but I still prefer speaking to someone in person, or picking up a good book, than Skyping or online gaming/chatting/networking. Especially with a Guinness in hand …


~ by yamaguru on February 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “Adopt & Adapt – What are the Implications for Teaching & Learning”

  1. Congrats on completing the first of five courses! I follow Jeff’s blog and read his recent post about these classes.

    Yes, old ways DO work – for US. Change is difficult, especially if your school doesn’t have the hardware for you to ease into a new approach. Keep trying, though!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Fran. I actually love change … but when it comes to technology, I agree. Change can be so stressful. I also get stuck in ruts when things work well, but will be the first one to pick up a new tech item when it comes out!

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