First set of readings … Jan. 25

Reflections on the first couple of readings ….


Basically, I have included a few quotes which stood out while I was reading through our assigned texts for the first week.

goal of this work is to have youth perspectives inform current debates over the future of learning and education in the digital age …

This is so important, as our much more traditional ways of teaching and learning need a jolt once in a while … we definitely get stuck “teaching our students the way we learned how to do something”. For us to move forward, we need to involve those that we are teaching, appreciating different learning styles and respecting the needs of each individual in our classroom.

Hanging out, messing around, and geeking out are three genres of participation that describe different forms of commitment to media engagement …

I love to hang out, but never do it with my phone in hand, or attached to my laptop – times are a changin’. This one was a bit confusing, as on one hand I feel that what we do in our free time is really up to each individual, while on the other hand some have a tough time making the “right” decisions – where do we let go?

Mizuko Ito uses the term “hypersocial” to define the process through which young people use specific media as tokens of identity, taste, and style to negotiate their sense of self in relation to their peers …

Media is alive and kicking these days, and seems to influence everyone, especially young people who are searching for their identities. Possibly online activity has eclipsed TV in it’s ability to influence us … do we send more time watching TV or online these days? I would love to see the stats for this.

New media such as social network sites, IM programs, mobile phones, and gaming sites work as mediums for young people to extend, enhance, and hang out with people they already know …

Easier to stay in touch – used to annoy me actually but now I too rely on it. I guess we do spend a lot of time hanging out online … we spend a whole lot more time learning online now as well.

online sites can represent an important source of social support and friendship …

Skype, Facebook & Messenger are a few that come to mind for me, and I have to say I have relied on ALL of them to keep in touch with people who I don’t see on a daily basis, and even at times, those I do … it is just easier. It is all about staying connected.

families do come together around new media to share media and knowledge, play together, and stay involved in each other’s lives …

Gaming – look at the Wii and other interactive games that allow you to play together, whether you are in the same room or not (online).


* 3 kinds of students; self-motivated,  go thru the motions, & those who tune us out

* schools and education system today deal with the first two groups reasonably well, the third group is a real challenge

* not “relevance” that’s lacking for this generation, it’s engagement

* have to find how to present our curricula in ways that engage our students

“It’s Not ADD—I’m Just Not Listening!”


~ by yamaguru on January 30, 2009.

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